Grading Submissions
Information regarding our grading submissions.

As of 4/1/2021 we are no longer sending in any group submission. PSA has shut down the ability to send anything new until July at the earliest. BGS is 10+ months behind on current orders. Check back here July/August 2021 to see if there is any new information about group submissions.

Why submit your cards with LCB?
  • No Annual Membership - PSA charges individual submitters an annual fee to be able to send cards to them for grading, LCB does not require that.
  • Save Time! - We are sure you have better things to do on a weekend than log and pack your cards to send to PSA.; that’s why we are here to do it for you.
  • Available Evaluation of Cards by Trained Pros - Imagine looking at thousands of cards every day for twelve years - that’s pretty much our life story at LCB. We are available to evaluate your raw cards and give you our opinion as to whether or not they are worth submitting for grading (additional fee applies).
  • Lower Cost of Shipping & Insurance - Because we send group submissions, the cost of insurance and shipping is shared by everyone.
  • Faster Processing Speeds - As a PSA Group Submitter, our processing times with PSA are faster than an individual submitter.
  • Consignment Program - You can join our consignment program to have us sell your cards for you as they return, saving you having to list them yourself or pay for them to be shipped back to you! (email for more information!)

Information as of: 4/15/2021

For all status updates to any submissions, please find them here: The website is updated as frequently as every other day with any changes to the submissions.

The grading submissions we currently support are listed below. Please read over the details before you submit any cards to us, and feel free to ask us any questions that you may have on the process.