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LiveCaseBreak EBAY STORE !
- This is where we sell all of the cards we pull from new products, we also sell all of our customer consignment lots here. Every few weeks we run massive auctions of 200+ cards at a time. There are some great deals to be found here !

LiveCaseBreak COMC STORE !
- We have over 25,000 cards listed in our COMC port. These range from 70's/80's rookies to the modern day products we open. These cards includes base, rookies, prospects, parallels, refractors, relics, and autographs. We are constantly running sales & promotions in our port, and we strive to maintain the lowest prices sitewide.

Larry's COMC STORE !
- Larry has over 22,000 cards listed in his COMC port. You will find a widely varied collection here, cards from personal case breaks, & a nice selection of both vintage & modern BGS slabs.

- Tim has mainly Toronto Blue Jays extra's in his COMC port. There are a few remants of left over investment collections he purchased as well. If you are a Blue Jays fan however, this is the place for you. There are just over 1,000 cards here with more being added daily.

Larry's EBAY STORE !
- Here you will find modern and vintage cards as well as odds and ends being sold off.