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LiveCaseBreak Consignment Program Information & Guidelines

(Updated February 2019)

Our Consignment Program takes all the hassle & stress out of selling your cards & memorabilia. You simply buy the products you want, breaks, boxes, etc... & we do all the work!

We utilize EBAY & our private network of buyers to sell your cards, along with a personal set up in your name to sell everything that is lower value.

This is how it works:

  1. You tell us you want to join the program.
  2. You're now in! Welcome :) All of your orders from LCB will now be held here in the NY store for sorting & review.
  3. In doing so, you agree that we will sell your cards for whatever we deem the current market value is at the time. However, you get our expertise on all levels. Hot Chrome prospect autographs ? We may list a little higher if we see them trending upwards. Market tanking on a specific player ? We will be more aggressive with the sale to try & get you top market value ASAP. If you have cards that hadn't previously been notated for grading that appear strong candidates for the service, we will drop you a line and let you know.
  4. If you ever want any specific cards shipped to you that you hit, just let the breaker know that pulled them & we send them on out.
  5. Everything that stays here, is either sorted into your COMC box or marked for listing on EBAY. All base cards that aren't valuable enough to be sorted into your COMC box become the property of LCB, we use these for our kid's (.5 cent- .20 cent) boxes here in the hobby store. This, is in our opinion, helps engage kids with the hobby when they don't have the budget to buy packs & boxes.
  6. Once we begin listing your cards on EBAY you will be emailed a personalized link that will display only your active card listings. You should save this link because you can check it at any time and it will display all active listings, once cards are sold they will not appear at that link. Sometimes they will appear with a 0 quantity depending on the listing type.
  7. With EBAY cards, they are listed as they come in, listing times vary from 1-4 weeks depending on how busy we are at any given point.
  8. With your COMC cards, once they reach 100+ cards, you will be notified & we will explain the process of sending them off to them. It is extremely easy to do so, we can also offer the option of a store credit buy-out on your COMC box if you don't want to create an account with them.
  9. Auctions - At any point & time, if you would like to auction off your port you have full control of that. You just simply let us know & we make a few clicks with the mouse. All auctions are 10 day lengths to maximize the bids and final sale price. There is an additional 5% fee plus .30/card for running auctions. This covers our employee's time pulling all the cards back off the show floor.


We keep this simple. All cards sold through the program have a simple 25% FEE. You get 75% of whatever the final sale price is, for members who start with over $3,000 worth of items, we discount this rate to 22%, netting you 78% of the sale price. We pay all additional fees, shipping, ebay, paypal, etc...


Payout reviews are done approximately the first week of each month & will include all items sold in the previous calendar month.. You will receive an excel file with what sold & for how much, the sales will automatically be added to your LCB points account. You have the option of contacting us to request a payout to pp if you would like, this must me made within the first week of the month. We can also send checks in certain circumstances. We use Facebook Messenger to send these reports out, if you're not on it, you will need to email in to us to request the file.


  • Never deal with the hassle of listing & selling. Take that energy you would spend on those things and divert it elsewhere. No more having to worry if an item is going to be delivered, no more having paypal hold your money until the tracking number updates, speaking of, no more having to worry if USPS is going to lose your cards in the mail :)
  • Easily buy/sell/trade with other members in the hobby & LCB community.
    *This is one of the most popular features of this program*
  • You can use your personalized listing link to send to other members as a virtual "collection" online to buy/sell/trade with each other. All trades executed between LCB members are free of any charges if both members have joined breaks that week and we are already shipping to them. If not there is a $3.75 shipping charge you must pay up front to send the card to the other person. Simply message us with what card & where you would like it sent. This isn't limited to just people in our community, you can use this to trade with any member in the community, deals made here are not subject to any type of protection however, so trade carefully :)
  • Chargeback - LCB will insure you against all chargebacks up to one hundred dollars ($100). Any chargebacks in excess of $100 will be your financial responsibility. We will exert our best efforts to defend against the chargebacks and preserve your money but ultimately, if we lose the chargeback, you will be financially responsible for the amount of the chargeback. This is no different than if you received a chargeback listing an item yourself on eBay, and actually, we are in a better position to defend against the chargeback because of our high eBay rating and because we have a dedicated eBay representative..
  • Note: We can't accommodate request to bump cards up in the listings, but we will do our best to accommodate time sensitive subjects.

Shipping address for sending additional items to sell:

LiveCaseBreak: The Store
39 Main Street, Canton, NY 13617

Note: Please send all items properly secured, cards should be in NEW top loaders and sleeves, memorabilia should be properly wrapped in bubble wrap with a secure outer box, simply use common sense here. Package your items in a manner in which you would like to receive them if purchased online. If we have to spend time taking cards out of old dirty sleeves/loaders, screw downs, magnetics, etc. We will have to charge a service fee for the time :(
* Please use your best discretion when sending us cards to add to your consignments, do not send us commons and/or damaged cards that aren't worth the time to sort through. Failure to comply will result in removal of you from the program.

Any additional Questions Or Concerns can be sent to