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Meet The LCB Crew !
Here are the hardworking people behind the scenes that help the LCB machine function on a daily basis !


Chad Debe 35
Ed Gaer 24
Craig Lan 13
Scott Rais 9
Joe Eive 22
Dan Robi 12
Shawn Masi 16
Danielle Dool 22
Steven Pidc 31
Ben Jone 6
Mike Easo 18
Jon Tyso 5
Charles Peti 51
Ben Sonk 21
Dean Stev 20
Derik Gibs 3
Brian John 15
Chris Neum 14
Greg Hall 9
Ian Thom 2
Ron Alab 1
Melissa Pra 2
Justin Win 4
John Cro 4
Brad Mey 7

Breakers: Tim & Larry (Owners)

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Shipping Department:

Justin Storie

Keep up on deals, news, & word on the field.
The premier & professional site to participate in live trading card case breaks, we also provide personal box & case breaks in addition to group breaks ! Our group breaks encompass every major sport along with various other products. We aim to provide our customer base with a varied selection of products at all times! We offer a constantly evolving inventory, timely & family friendly breaks, crystal clear broadcasts, fast & free shipping, and an unmatched level of customer service!
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